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We have been fielding a lot of questions lately about how summer camping at Searsport Shores may be affected by the ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic. These are unusual times, with best-practices changing frequently as the situation plays out across the country.

We want our guests to know that we put the health and safety of our community above all else. Decisions we make on reservations and social-distancing will be made by putting health first, even if this means doing less business than we may legally be permitted to do. We are talking with folks we know who work in the Emergency and ICU departments of local hospitals, reading recommendations by the Maine and federal CDCs, and keeping on top of orders and recommendations happening across the U.S. 

With that in mind, our current plans are as follows:

  • Guests will be asked to wear face coverings inside all buildings and whenever they cannot social distance
  • Advanced Reservations and payment will be required for all camping sites.  We will only be booking stays of 4 nights or more until we are certain we can adjust for shorter stays. If you or anyone in your party is not feeling well…please visit another time.
  • We’re working with chefs and farms to have great food options available in the campground. All guests will be expected to honor any current quarantine requirements established by Executive Order.
  • Our beach and extensive walking trails will be open with proper social distancing.  Until further notice our flush toilets, group tenting, playground, recreation hall and dog park will be closed.  As we learn more, we will work to make these amenities available.

We are taking reservations for the summer. As we have said before, on June 1st we’ll say hello to guests from Maine and on July 1st we’ll be welcoming guests from out of state. However, and there’s always an however lately, if you are from out of state and you have a reservation on the books from that ancient pre-Covid era, we are working to be able to honor them…we’ll be in touch!

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this unprecedented time. Searsport Shores Ocean Campground has provided a relaxing environment to guests since 1964. Through all those times, and now, our family’s focus has been on welcoming our guests for a time when they can refresh and recharge alongside the ocean on beautiful Penobscot Bay.

We look forward to welcoming you with a wave and a smile,

Steve and Astrig Tanguay

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