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Busy as Bees

We’ve had a couple of warm days in a row and the daffodils were at their peak this past week. Now the forsythia is fading away, the cherry and apple blossoms have popped and its starting to feel like summer. We’re eating more than our share of fiddlehead ferns and daffodil blossoms (I haven’t been able to capture a picture but imagine me trying to out smart a lamb to get the most tender plants). We’re seeing more birds than ever (even black-headed grosbeaks) and there are bird nests everywhere you look (made with a good amount of sheep’s wool and goat fluff 😊). We’re feeling the rhythm and it feels good as long as we stay away from Pandemic counts and remind ourselves that the only thing we can do to make the world a better place is to be kind, wear a mask, stay home as much as we can and wash our hands.

On the bright side of the covid coverage, have you been reading the Covid studies that support the idea that outdoor recreation and camping are two of the best activities you can plan this summer? Social distancing is easy around here and the sea breezes are conducive to our healthly choices. To amplify the opportunities, Steve and the crew have been building more benches, establishing more walking trails and planning remote picnic spots all over the park.

I keep wanting to gush that the gardens have been rewarding us with flowers … and honeybees are thrilled with life in general. They love the dandelions and can’t seem to get enough of the bridal wreath bushes…funny how the daffodils & hyacinths make us so happy but the bees will happily pass them by for the opportunity to forage in the cherry and apple blossoms that have peaked in the last day or two.

The awesome weather has made our projects a lot easier. Our wonderful sign painter Deb has been working on the billboard components all winter and they finally got back to their route 1 showcase the other day. It took 5 humans to move components and 2 humans to give them direction (“left three inches, no come back a little bit…now go up…”) Just for fun…can you guess which gender took which role? 😉

We take jig-saw puzzles to a new level around here :). Sorry if you need to tilt your computer but this hyperlapse is a fun way to see the new billboard going up

Learning to do chores while social distancing and wearing a mask has been a real challenge…we all agree that it’s important but find we need to remind each other constantly…it’s the proverbial teaching an old dog new tricks around here. We’re lucky because most of our work this time of year is out of doors and in well ventilated buildings. Last weekend Ramon took the lead on building a shelter for our new bread oven in the garden…I’m day dreaming about the casual gatherings surrounding great food, picnic tables with fluttery coverings, lots of flowers and something icy in a glass…and a few musicians under one of the shade trees! This outdoor oven is a complement to last years garden kitchen (and we’ve been talking with a FANTASTIC baker named Maria who makes some of the best blueberry pie I’ve ever tasted…about teaching cooking classes and maybe organizing a few pop up dinners by candle light). Expect more information about these plans in the coming week.

So the gardens are blooming, the reservation shuffling is well underway to meet our covid obligations, we have the most spectacular, awesome staff anyone could imaging (the Gods smiled on us with particular radiance this year), the seals are already in the Bay and we’re seeing more bird species than any of us can remember. Please stay well and stay in touch. We continue to live the reality of the pandemic and the beauty of life…and hope that you are finding the means to do the same.

Today is my birthday and I’m reminded that blessed by family, friends and beauty…Sharon surprised us with today with a picnic lunch…Three kinds of wood fired pizza from a new place just down the road: Lobster, Fiddlehead & Steak and Microgreens & Balsamic Vinegar.

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