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First Days of Spring

My window by the computer is large and sunny in the afternoons.  It lets me keep an eye on the antics of the goats and sheep and watch how fast the water is running down the stream to the Bay.  In true New England fashion over the past week I’ve alternated between peeling off layers because the sun was so warm, to watching the snow fall in heavy flakes worthy of a snow globe.  I don’t know about you but I always feel that Spring snowstorms are like an unexpected gift after the party has been all cleaned up…special because it’s not anticipated.


I guess yesterday’s storm was a bit anticipated because on Sunday we made a point of taking an afternoon hike on Sears Island.  For those who haven’t been here, the Island is about 10 minutes from the campground and accessible by paved causeway.  The only way to explore the island is by foot, horseback or bicycle so it’s always a pleasantly, unrushed experience.  There are a series of trails tended by the local Friends of Sears Island group and the only special requests are that we clean up after the dogs and pick up any random trash that may be left behind.  With 940 uninhabited acres, it truly is a jewel in our own backyard.  Here’s a video from pictures we took on Sunday:

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