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La Recoleta Graveyard in Buenos Aires

*Taking Tango Lessons was on my father-in-law’s bucket list so my wife made it happen.  We took a once in a lifetime family vacation to Argentina (the largest wine festival in the world just happened to be in full swing during our visit. Good planning on my wife’s part). One afternoon we decided to visit the city’s oldest cemetery…..

When first arriving in Argentina we were asked by an Argentine where we came from. I answered “from America” to which the local frowned and told me that we are all Americans, from the tip of South America to the cold regions of Canada.

He made me understand how proud he was to be an American and that we are all in this together. That was a powerful lesson for me.

That afternoon we traveled to the Recoleta Graveyard in Buenos Aires.

Seeing all of the tombstones (including almost 5,000 vaults) in this labyrinth of a graveyard and reading all of the places people came from including Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Austria really drove that lesson home for me.

The emblem on the Argentinian flag even holds up the French Revolutionary bonnet honoring their independence from Spain. I came home with the realization that America was much bigger than I had ever dreamed.



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