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I’ve been making the most of my Gemini personality lately…depending on the moment I’ve been completely introverted or the cocktail party queen…its the freedom of Winter in Maine.

Reservations have been coming in steadily so I’m able to enjoy the discipline of computer communications each morning but later in the day comes social time…either social media or tiny gatherings of friends and family.  And cooking lots of stews to combat the bitter cold that has settled over the Bay.

Speaking of social media, if you haven’t found us on instagram, you can find me (Astrig) as campingwithart and Steve as campmaine.  Between the two of us, we’ve been trying to post daily…there’s so much non caloric gratification in clicking and sharing.  I can’t figure out why I was so resistant in the beginning.


Evenings are studio time for me…weaving like my personal warmth depended on it.  The latest project has been a king size blanket in 50 shades of orange wool that I’ve spun every chance I get (that’s the yardage at the bottom that the nephews are helping me document).  While I’m working on the stash of wool the goats and sheep keep producing, Steven’s been busy playing his mandolin and planning the Old Time Music Players Project…you’ll hear tons about it as the months roll by but it will all culminate in a big gathering during the Common Ground Fair weekend this September.

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