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In the summer we take care of our guests and little else. In the winter we plan, learn and prepare for the summer.  A wonderful balance when everything goes as planned.

As you may imagine, social media is a big part of our lives. When my parents were in charge of the park, winter was all about answering the phone and responding to inquiries by mail. They connected with a handful of people each week just like every other park across the state.

These days, Steve and I do almost everything electronically; interacting with more people in a day than we did 20 years ago in a week. On Facebook alone you  can find us as individuals, Searsport Shores Campground, Fiber College, Searsport Kayak Rentals and Old Time Music Players of Maine.  And you can find me on Instagram as campingwithart and Steve as campmaine.

This is a long way of saying that we’re relying on our smart phones more than ever. Last month I traded in my Droid because I’m hoping that the video editing and the blogging apps on this iPhone will help us share our world in a fun way…look what I made today with pictures we took yesterday!


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