And the decorations were hung with care…

At the campground, we’re a mile from Searsport and about 5 from Belfast so we’re just as apt to go in one direction or the other.  When we head South to Belfast it never fails that we pinch ourselves as we drive over the Passy Bridge and hear a little voice that says “wow, I can’t believe that I live here.”

If you’ve visited before, chances are you know Belfast when the sun is warm and pansies or geraniums fill the countless window boxes…life on these streets always feels expansive & festive because you’re never far from the water and many people are on holiday.  In the winter, the atmosphere is intimate…a real village.  We know most of the people we see and the excitement is subdued (think Yankee)…the bite in the air makes us rush past the classic architecture and decorated doors so that we can quickly warm up with a freshly made treat or a bit of retail therapy (and an occasional tidbit of gossip because we know most of the shopkeepers too;)). There’s talk of an upcoming party or what music will be playing close by…less prosaically, lately the conversation often begins with “do you guys have electricity” or “how’s the ice down your driveway?”

Walk with us…

Wreath and Bouys

Wreath and Lobster Buoys greet visitors to The Purple Baboon

The Good Table

The Good Table dressed for the Holidays

Belfast, The Ocean House

The Ocean House


Do you remember the rundown version of this building from years past?  It’s been reincarnated as the Ocean House, with renovations completed in October. It’s now the new home of Brambles (previously on the left side of Main St close to the Green store). Soon there will be a new restaurant on the lower level, I can’t wait to try their brick oven pizza!


Elves working at MM Jules Christmas Shop



More pictures if you’re so inclined…:

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