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A Card from Maine

IMHO the best part of having holidays here on the coast is that we’re not inundated with commercial pressures for celebrating…we still feel like part of the main stream when we make our cards and gifts at home.  Our Christmas parties revolve around music, local food and show and tell, with a fair amount of wine, beer or mead.

Handmade Holiday Cards
Pulling the print.

The during the last couple of weeks, the wind has been whipping around and we’ve been kept indoors with ice storms which is just fine with me…no superfluous driving! We’re making lots of crock pot dinners that simmer all day long freeing us to play more and still come in for a warm meal. While Steve’s been working with his guys on the new hiking trails in between storms, Alice and I have been spending a majority of our time in the studio weaving on the looms and printing holiday cards.

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Where should the berries go?

If you haven’t treated yourself to a sheet of linoleum and a couple of pots of paint…you haven’t been having enough fun!

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Too much red?

Would you like to receive one of our hand printed cards? Leave a comment below before December 19th and we’ll send you a greeting from Maine…with all our love and ink smudges!

7 responses to “A Card from Maine”

  1. Oh yes it would be lovely to recieve a card from Maine!
    I like when the weather creates forced indoor time. Warm and cozy and a good excuse to bake or get to a project that was always pushed to “some day”
    The cards are beeeeeautiful!

      • Oh thank-you, you are sweet to say. yes I do all the sculptures etc but my husband is the web designer and web master.
        I helped with the animation, but it was definitely my husband’s skills that made it a reality and not just in my head hahaha. I am lucky, I got to design my site with whatever I wanted, paper & clay even and he made it a website. Fun fun, we collaborate well 🙂

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