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Another Snow Storm in March

Like anyone else in a mom and pop business, we juggle a lot of balls and are always hoping that we didn’t lose one up in the clouds or under the couch.  Last Saturday I was in Augusta to be part of the Fiber College Class Jury…if you’re curious about the September classes proposed, check here.  On Sunday after we notified the 2013 instructors, I travelled down to the Boston Gift Show with the hound and found a few treasures for the store.  Among the more interesting things were clay ornaments designed for us by a lovely artistic couple and socks knit in NH…with honey bees, flowers and lobsters of course.  And it snowed again…In another month, if the Gods are smiling on us, I’ll be busy repainting the store and the rec hall before the merchandise arrives  while Steven works with an outside crew assuming the snow melts and the muddy ruts dry.

It sounds cliché but while I did the shopping, Steven stayed home and took care of business.  He finalized the details with two wonderful marine biology students who will be interning with us this summer;  started the early seedlings and designed a few new microcabins.  He took care of Maggie and the goat flock too…look at the video he made for me so I could laugh at her dancing and I wouldn’t miss her first run in the snow:

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