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Life in Searsport

Today feels more like a photo day than an essay…here’s what’s been going on in Searsport since last Thursday. We’re getting the Spring itch around here but the only green evidence we’re finding comes from the branches of Forsythia we’re forcing in the kitchen and a few timid sprouts from Steve’s early starts for the garden…

What better way to draw a crowd than offer to jump into the ocean while the rest of us are wrapped in scarves and coats…
One onlooker was so inspired that he stripped down and dove from the Wharf
On Monday the Regional Group organized a protest on the Passy Bridge…we don’t want to sell our Bay to Conoco Phillips and we’re having trouble getting our politicians to understand our message…doesn’t seem complicated…
There is nothing in the world that matches the taste of scallops fresh from the ocean. We get ours from Eric who dives everyday during season in Frenchman’s Bay…the season is now over, our freezer shelf is full and we gorged on scallops and Kung Fu Girl…it doesn’t get better than that!
I’m doing a talk on Natural Dyes from the Garden at the Penobscot Marine Museum on Saturday April 6th…so I’m simmering dyes of rosemary, onion skins, sea weed and apple bark as fast as I can spin the yarn.
Just playing around with the dyes…wouldn’t it be nice to make an entire rug like this!
Steven and a local high school student are continuing the quest for a fantastic trebuchet that will launch lobster buoys into the Bay at great distances…stay tuned, this is just the model…
What post would be complete without a picture of Maggie? Taken this afternoon of course.

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