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Little Maggie

Long before we hosted Fiber College every September, we indulged in our love of crafts by bringing in painters, felters and weavers to teach classes and sell their art in the campstore. When the eat local, shop local movement became such a big part of our world we started thinking about raising our own fiber animals and settled on the Angora Goats…I get the wool and Steven gets the poop I mean compost.  Then we needed an art studio and a dyers garden…well, you know how the story goes.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a spinner’s gathering and our friend Betty casually mentioned that she had a sheep give birth to a preemie and she wasn’t certain if the baby would make it…I tried to ignore the comment ’cause I knew exactly the path it was going to take but before long I was asking what was involved in bottle feeding a lamb.  That was a Wednesday and on Thursday Steven and I went to Winterport to bring her home. 

At first we weren’t certain she’d survive but more than survive she’s going strong…so here’s the first of many baby pictures…she’s living in the house until it gets warm but then we’ll find a way to integrate her into the goat herd (I hope)


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