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Travel Statistics Part 2

Top leisure travel activities for U.S.domestic travelers: (1) visiting relatives;(2) shopping; (3) visiting friends;(4) rural sightseeing; and (5) beaches.

Travel is among the top 10
industries in 48 states and
D.C. in terms of employment.

Family travelers take an average of 4.5 trips each year.
July 2011…surprise, surprise…we travel to relax

76% of those who travel for pleasure, travel by car.

The oddest advice I found today: Quirky Marketing~ having 1 package or service that is TOTALLY OMFG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING, gets people talking, and draws attention to your other packages as well.  And you may be surprised that the weird thing is what people end up buying, because at the end of the day, travelers are just dead curious.

One of the two hottest trends this year is the Farm to Table, local food trend. We were way ahead of the curve…for the past 16 years our lobster bakes have been all about the local bounty


1 out of 9: U.S. jobs that depend on travel and tourism…how lucky are we?

These statistics were lifted from the US Travel Association Website and Travel Online Partners

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