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Seventy percent of all campers are married or living with a domestic partner

Marketing is an odd mix of planning and luck.  Honestly, when we’re really busy we tend to pat ourselves on the back and take credit for all of the innovation we implemented in the past six months. 

It doesn’t matter which six months either because we’re always innovating and looking for new ways to be the best~after all, this is our world and we’re proud of it.  In the beginning we knew we had control over everything: good marketing would lead to good bookings…now we know it’s mostly about doing your best everyday and getting lucky: lucky with the weather and  lucky with the New England economy.

Still, when you’re sitting in your living room office in February, you can’t help but wonder if your reservation line is quieter than everyone else’s.  So you start poking around the web researching the latest bits of wisdom on marketing a small business.

Whenever we make a reservation, one of the required bits of information we gather the first time you stay with us is “how did you hear about Searsport Shores?”  Typically we get three answers: 1. my friends stayed there and recommended we call 2. we found you on the internet and 3.  “the map”.   Is this true for all camping businesses?  I spent a bit of time on the Outdoor Foundation’s website and this is what I found:

Seventy percent of all trips are taken with friends, showing the social aspect of camping







Summer is the most popular season for camping.  During the summer months, campers typically went on three trips and stayed for three nights.

Of those summer campers who choose to make campsite reservations, the average booking time is 77 days prior to the trip

Almost 40 million Americans went camping in 2010 for a total of 514.8 million trips

More than 50 percent of campers are motivated to go on a camping trip simply because they enjoy the act of camping.


No matter how you plan your vacation, know that there’s always a place for nice people here…and Steve and I both understand last-minute vacations so don’t hesitate to call while you’re on the road.  That said, we take reservations year ’round and try to accommodate special requests.

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