Today’s Voting Day in Searsport

In our little town, the selectmen are very powerful people…5 votes to decide town budgets, the conduct of town employees, and so much more.  It’s a lot of under appreciated work and who in their right mind would want to be a part of it?

With the encouragement of many of our neighbors and our concern for the future of Searsport, Steven’s decided that since retiring from teaching, it was time to give back at the municipal level…so, he’s competing for 1 of 3 vacant seats on the board.  The campaign has been short and sweet.  Meredith designed the posters, Steve created the buttons, Jen baked the whoppie pies, Al campaigned at the dump and many contributed the dollars to pay for the political ads and mailings…now we wait.


If you live in Searsport, please select Steve!

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