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Winter Carnival in Quebec City and Eating Homemade Donuts

For Steve’s birthday we took a drive up to Quebec City for Winter Carnival. There were thousands of people, tubing, skiing, sled racing, skating, toboggan jumping and so much more. Most crazy were the international canoe races in the St Lawrence river, most interesting were the professional ice and snow sculptures who carved away throughout the weekend, most fun was the snow Ferris wheel. and even though it was close to 0 degrees F and windy. Everybody was happy just to be having so much fun at the Carnival, maybe it was the coco.

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  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful time. I have almost forgotten what snow looks like, ha ha . I really wish we could have some here, even if just a couple of inches to see the changes the color brings. I love the snow that falls and just glistens on whatever it falls upon. I love to walk in it then. Global warming is for real, and I think our drastic weather changes here and world-wide are proof. Enjoy your loom, and I hope you get a chance to use your new woodburning tool from Christmas. Hugs! Pat & Ron

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