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Monday Morning in February

Steve and I are asked countless times, “what do you guys do in the winter?”  The question still slows me down for a step because it always seems to me that the winters are very, very short in Maine…as short as the summers really.  So as DH and I sit across the kitchen table, each with a laptop and surrounded by mountains of paperwork,  here’s what’s on our plate today, February 13, 2012:

Astrig:  Meet with Jacki at Bell the Cat to talk about a dedicated dying tent at this year’s Fiber College, follow up on last week’s meeting with Arielle about being an artist in residence this summer for the campground, read and prepare a blog post about the latest camping statistics, order “Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an irresistable Brand and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook” by Dave Kerpe (recommended by the past president of the American Camping Industry), post the checks and send confirmations that have accumulated since Thursday, find out why my cell phone bill has ballooned exorbitantly, pre-order books for the camp store, prepare a Powerpoint presentation for a meeting in Ellsworth about the importance of supporting tourism as a regional activity (7PM, Ellsworth Public Library, Feb 14th…love for you to come!), double-check our calendar of events…have I added anything in my mind without putting it on paper?  have the new events been submitted to the on-line calendars and spend 3 hours in the studio…I’m weaving a rug from the wool we dyed with last year’s indigo.  Oh, and take the dog to the park via the beach…I can’t keep pretending that my jeans are leaving marks on my waist.

Honey Bee Bunkhouse…new for 2012

Steve:  continue to optimise our website, pay bills, work on his campaign for the Searsport Board of Selectmen, get kerosene for the Bunk House Project, mud, sand & order more dry wall for the honeybee bunkhouse, order more seeds and start some of the herbs and flowers that take weeks to germinate, wash the truck

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