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Old Postcards…meandering through history…

Searsport has always been the self-proclaimed antiques capital of Maine.  Personally, my favorite shop to wander through is the Searsport Antique Mall (sorry no website) on the other side of the village.  Today after running to the bank and Tozier’s market, I stopped in and came home with two hand carved, bone crochet hooks, a bundle of hand carved wooden knitting “pins”,  a monogrammed silk hankie (I want to dye it with the geranium petals I’ve been collecting but that’s another story) and a beaded purse…and spent only $24 and an hour of peaceful day dreaming.  But really, that isn’t where I want to take this story, so let me get back on track.

It started when Phyllis from the Pumpkin Patch (a great antique store just down the road from here who’s way too sought after for a website) brought this picture of Mack Point over to the house…it was taken in 1916.  For those of you who have been here, Mack Point is the utility port that we see at the head of the cove.

Mack Point, Searsport Maine 1916

Betty from the museum looked over my shoulder and asked if we had visited the Maine Memory Network website lately…that it was filling with some wonderful first hand accounts and images uploaded by individuals and institutions under the collective efforts of the Maine Historical Societies.

To make a long story short, today was cold, GREY and surfing the web researching on the computer seemed like the perfect way to spend the afternoon once I got home and answered the necessary e-mail.

I wrapped up in a flannel comforter with a cup of coffee & a plate of chocolate walnut brownies…here are some of the Searsport images I found that you might find interesting too:


The lady and the man (captain) in the middle are the Colcord's…their grandson lives next door to us today
This is what we now call Angler's Restaurant and Bait's Motel
Loading Potatoes at the Searsport Wharf, 1910
When Main Street was just a path of dirt
A six masted schooner in Searsport Harbor

I always think of my blog posts as postcards to friends and family of our daily world here on the coast…this begs the question of what people will be shuffling through one hundred years from now…will they be reading our blogs like we read old postcards?

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  1. Love the postcards and now am wondering how many folks still send them. Stamps $.29 now, yes? I think kids like getting ‘real’ mail, as do I.

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