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Focused on the Bay

The Days go by in a blink of an eye…Pictures of This Week:

Steve is working with Ron Huber Director of the Penobscot Bay Watch to keep track of the sea life living close to shore.  With the help of interested young campers, they braved the water (not too cold…maybe 60 degrees) and netted over 50 small fish.

silver fish, star fish, periwinkles and skuds

On Tuesday the Penobscot Bay Stewards spent their final class day here at the shores…music, lectures and a BBQ lunch…

Penobscot Bay Stewards Class of 2011

In the moments when we’re not doing “regular” campground stuff…we’re getting the grounds ready for the Belfast Garden Tour on June 24th….

The daffodils are still blooming in the cooler pockets…we'll have our first lilacs by Sunday.

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  1. Glad to see you have great weather there. Here in western mass we had a tornado 2 days ago. A lot of damage in some of the surrouding cities. It looks like you have good weather there. We will be there in a few weeks

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