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Rental Trailers

Every couple of  years we buy new rental trailers and sell off the old ones.  This works well because you always have something fresh and new to stay in and someone else gets to buy a really nice used trailer at a discounted price…win/win.

Last week we placed our order for two new trailers to be delivered around June 15th…the floor plans are generally the same…Bunk House models meaning that there are two bedrooms separated by a kitchen/living room.  A queen bed in the front and bunk beds in the back.

Who rents a travel trailer?  With knowing over-simplification, the folks who rent a travel trailer fall into three major categories:  Trailer-less families who want to camp with friends who have their own trailer… folks who want to test drive the RV lifestyle (one or two weeks in a trailer gives you a good idea of what you might like to invest in for the future) and family and friends of people living in the Searsport/Belfast area.

As you might guess, we field alot of questions about trailer rentals recently I received an e-mail with questions I hadn’t considered…and thought you might be interested to hear the answers too…  If you think of other questions, please ask…we’ll add to the list.

1. What will my rental trailer look like?  The trailer will be very similar to the one you see on

the website.

2.  Do I have water in the camper?  There is running, town water in the trailer.  You have two sinks (kitchen

and bath) and a tub shower.  The trick to being comfortable in a travel trailer is to treat water

like the precious resource that it is.  Because we are right on the ocean you will be relying on your holding tanks for your gray (sink/shower) and black (toilet) water.  We have a mobile pumping service that will come by and empty your tanks (you don’t need to be here during the day for the service).

3.  Is the toilet normal?  The toilet is a regular, flush toilet…again, because of the tanks, we ask you to use only RV TP (we provide) and throw nothing else into the bowl…

4.  Do they have slide out rooms for extra space?  There is a big slide out…expanding your living and kitchen space substancially.

5.  Where are the trailers located?  The rental trailers are on Silver sites (close to the ocean with some views).  If being on the oceanfront is a priority, sometimes we can move the trailer onto a gold or platinum site for an additional fee.

6.  Is there television?  Yes…and our DVD collection is available to you at no additional fee.

7.  And my computer…do you have Wi-Fi?…the big question in any campground.  The general answer is yes, no problem…but although we broadcast the signal for a 2-3 mile radius, sometimes it depends on the antenna in your computer.  Generally speaking you’ll have no trouble outside your (metal) camper at the picnic table, usually you can pick up the signal inside.  You can ALWAYS have a signal at the bathhouse, rec hall and surrounding porches.

8.  What to pack?…Bring bed and bath linens (there’s one queen size bed and 1 double and 3 single beds) and EVERYTHING you need for the kitchen.  Your kitchen is complete with all the appliances but because we do not have sterilization equipment, we cannot provide pots, pans or dishes.

9.  The site amenities?  …you have a picnic table and a fire ring on site.  Please buy firewood only at the campground, we are very concerned about the tree devastating bugs coming up from the South and Down from the North.

10.  There is an awning for shade on the side of the camper…you may want to bring some lounging chairs.

11.  Generally speaking, there is a five night minimum for reserving a rental trailer.  The rate is $140/night which includes 2 adults and three children.  We are unable to host pets in the rental trailers because of the upholstery and carpeting but can have them in the Frog and Faerie Cabin.

Whatever you’re thinking, don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions…we’re always ready to find the answer…what are you waiting for?

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