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To steal a line from my friend MJ’s Blog:

“Visit Mary Jane Astrig and Follow Her Adventures”. Hmmmm…more like visit Mary Jane Astrig… and…mmm….stretch….yawn….

Part of the Texas Five

Really why does she even bother?

Life is sometimes much too fluid to stop and ponder and write about it. I know it is a good exercise to write everyday…and I do…only not for public consumption….Kind readers, you will be rewarded, with patience, my book is nearly ready to print, my campground is far from being ready to open and the release is set for October but somehow we’ll be welcoming guests for Clean-up Weekend on May 8th…assuming the snow melts.

Lots of activity that I have not written about, since I was too busy enjoying it.”

Since I last wrote I’ve been to the Boston Gift Show and found some wonderful treasures for the store…note to self: good posting topic.  I was briefly in a hula hooping class (it was cancelled for lack of adventurous participants).  We’ve given more dinner parties and brunches in Jan-Feb than we do the entire rest of the year, combined.  I spun and knit a blanket from the Queen Lollie’s wool that we dyed in Forget-me-nots, peonies, indigo and oregano last summer…and we launched Fiber College of Maine, 2011…now all of the computer work that is entailed in creating on-line registration felt like work…but check out the results!

Summer 2010 Captured in a Blanket

Now a promise and a question for you:  I promise to get back on track with writing on the blog (I love it, really).  Question:  What would you like to see for postings:  Daytrips?  Daily Activities? Campground pictures?  Tell me what you’d like and I’ll try to write about it and add pictures.

Ok…Title : “Place Keeper”….which means: more to come…

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