Free Camping Weekend

We all need occaisional sprucing up!

We all need occasional sprucing up!

It’s Spring and that means clean-up here on the campground.  In a nod to Mark Twain…what a deal we have for you! :)

May 9-11,2014  Camp for free with us in exchange for help on Saturday with chores.  We’ll feed you, laugh with you, show you around and relax by the fire when it’s all done.  Broadly the schedule works like this:

Friday Afternoon come when you can, there will be a fire and refreshments in the rec hall when you get here.  Sites are first come, first choose and everyone is welcome.

Come and see our thousands of bulbs!

Come and see our thousands of bulbs!

Saturday morning we’ll fry homemade doughnuts and share coffee and cocoa (with homemade marshmallows) by the fire while we get organized.  The list of chores to be accomplished will include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Raking
  • Picking up brush
  • Painting (creative and otherwise)
  • Cleaning the rec hall (dusting, arranging and windows)
  • Cleaning windows in the store and bathhouse
  • Building various things
  • Setting up the playground equipment
  • Fixing up the walking trails
  • Gardening
  • Repairing a deck
  • Setting up and cleaning up after meals
  • Special projects thought of by guests

Saturday we’ll do a lunch cookout at the beach beside the beach bonfire and at night we’ll share a pot luck supper…we’ll cook turkey or ribs and you bring the side dishes.

Sunday relax as late into the day as you can…

Tired of Winter?

Tired of Winter?

And if you want to come Thursday or stay into the following week…we can figure that out too.

Because hosting is most fun when we’re an intimate group, we limit attendance to 30-40 people…so I need you tell me if you’re coming and how many friends and family you’ll be bringing with you.  This is a very nice opportunity to catch up with old friends, check the park out if you haven’t stayed here before and enjoy a no cost weekend away from home while you shake the winter cobwebs from your camping gear.

We’ll be here rain or shine and hope that you will be too!

Astrig, Steven & Zaven

PS.  You can e-mail an RSVP at

52 thoughts on “Free Camping Weekend

  1. I would love for my family to come for this! There are two adults, and two children. They are nearly 3 years old and 6. Can we be added to the list of RSVPs?!

    • Hi Peggy~
      My name is Nicole. I saw that you are going on clean up weekend with you 2 kids. I also have 2 boys ages 6 & 9. I think we should meet up if you are still planning on going, I was afraid to go because I didn’t want the boys to be in the way of those helping. I’m looking forward to camping. We <3 it!!

  2. Hi Astrig

    Rachel, Dad, Jason and I would love to come again this Mother’s Day and will arrive Friday and stay through Sunday afternoon. NO wounded thumbs this year or thrown out backs and I will bring a huge bowl of macaroni salad for Saturday. What with Rachel’s trip to the ER last year and all we seemed to miss everything but replanting the seedlings. Still had a wonderful time and saw an amazing storm. Gotta love Maine rainstorms. Anyway it would be great to see you all and participate in the activities without the pain…lol

    Hope to see you soon

    Shelley (formerly of the Maine Thread)

  3. We are still planning on being there for the clean up and fix up weekend…. I’m excited and was wondering if there are many people joining in this event… and which site # we might be staying at. We have looked at your blog and all the different photos of the various sites available… and it makes me even more excited to join in!! May 7-9 can’t come quick enough. Let us know if there is anything that we should bring with us other than ourselves…. we will be travelling from upstate NY so if there’s something down this way that you love and have to have, let us know! Thanks again, Amanda

  4. I am interested in helping out for the free weekend. Please let me know. There will be probably my 18yr old granddaughter and myself coming. She loves painting and cleaning. Very artistic. thank you Mary

  5. My name is Emily and my mom and I would like to come for the free cleanup weekend. We love camping and love Maine and would enjoy helping out and meeting new people. We are coming from Vermont and would be arriving on Friday and staying until Sunday. Could you please let me know if you still have room available. We are very interested. Thank you :)

    • Emily,
      We would be thrilled to have you join us! We used to live in Lyndonville VT decades ago…you’ll have a very pretty drive over to the coast. How do you camp?

  6. Madeleine and Ron are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, May 6. Can’t wait to see the place and make new friends! See you soon!

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  8. Hey guys,
    Long time no see, Thomas just turned four this past year, and he wants to go camping. It’s been a couple of years now but we would love to come and help, Jenn and I are looking forward to it. Always had a great time with everyone, even when it rained.
    hope to see you soon

    • Do come for a visit…I saw Thomas when he was a newborn…time flies! Wait til you see the changes around here! It will be good to catch up on our lives…I’ll make the coffee or we can have herbal tea…or a glass of ???

  9. I would like to come help that weekend with my boyfriend and my two grandchildren. We tented there last year for the first time. This year we are buying our first camper hopefully tomorrow. I cant wait! I hope there’s room for us.

    • Did you buy the camper? There will always be room for you…and I’m even daring to imagine that it might be warm and sunny on Mother’s Day weekend…almost unheard of! :)

      • It’s getting delivered to me tomorrow. Can’t wait! Hope the weather’s like last week’s on Mother’s Day weekend! That would be wonderful, but even if not, just being there by the ocean with great people is going to be wonderful!

  10. Hello Astrig and Steve,
    Hope this finds that you both had a good winter and are now ready for the camping season to begin. All is fine here. All our kids are doing well and all living out on their own now and the grandchildren are growing fast.
    I see that cleanup weekend is around the corner and I couldn’t think of a better way to celerbrate mothers day except for a weekend at Searsport Shores. So I am asking if any of your cabins or campers are available to rent that weekend and how much it would be. We are willing to pay to rent one just to have a enjoyable weekend at your campground. And I’ll bring my paint clothes and or my aprin. :o)
    Hope to see you all soon. Have a great Spring !!!

  11. Hi,
    I would like to come for the clean-up weekend. I manage a property in Winchester Ma. and I think I could be of help. The only limitation I have is I cannot do repetitive heavy lifting due to a disc problem with my neck. But, I can do alot, and I am very skilled at painting. Landscaping I have to limit to a half day of work. I am also an artist. Let me know if you would need me. It would just be me and my dog, in a sleeper van. I would need an electric hookup. I’m 6′, 210, and very good health with the exception of my neck, which I can manage by knowing my limitations. Thanks, Gary

    • Hi Gary!
      We’d love to have you join us…and it’s easy to promise that we’ll keep you away from any heavy lifting…repetitive or not. What day would you like to come in?

  12. Hi, I am not currently working full time, and my property management job leaves me a lot of free time, so I guess I’ll come in on the first day (which day is that?), and I could stay as long as you need me. Is there any supplies in your store yet?. If you could mail me a flyer I would appreciate it, but it is not necessary. I will just need the directions. I would love the best site you have available. Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you. Gary Stockbridge 219 Washington Street Winchester Ma 01890


    • Yeah! Bring everything but the kitchen sink ;) or maybe just rakes and good food for Saturday night. With luck the snow will be gone and we’ll start building three micro cabins for the summer interns.

  14. Hi guy’s We have been waiting for the spring to get here, Jenn Thomas and myself are looking forward to it. See you soon, Let me know if there is anything I should bring.

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  16. Hey Steve & Astrig! This is Beka Hoskins (Jim & Gena Hadsell’s youngest daughter); we used to come every year but it’s probably been about 10 years! Anyway, if there is room left on that list I would love to come out & bring my husband to one of my favorite places in Maine! Also, I don’t know if you have a cabin available… I bet mom & dad would join us! Let us know what you can do. If no cabin, there will be 2 of us… If yes to a cabin, plan on 5!

    – Beka & Bear Hoskins

      • Great! Just spoke with my mom & she said they’d love to come! So here’s the details for us: Dad & Mom need a cabin, my husband, Barrett; my 17 year-old nephew, Nick; & myself will need a tent site for 2 small tents.
        Will that be alright? (Mom just called back… there may be a possibility of 8 of us… would that be a problem???) Hope all has been well! Thanks a bunch! Can’t wait (:

        – Beka & Bear Hoskins & The Hadsells

      • You can all sleep in the Honey Bee Bunkhouse…it sleeps up to 10 comfortably…how nice this will be! Astrig

        The Shores…Tidepools, Gardens, Goats and Honey Bees…You can visit our world on the regularly updated blog For quick up-dates and on-line specials, “Like” us on Facebook Searsport Shores is also host to the 6th Annual Fiber College on Penobscot Bay in September…52 classes and demonstrations for spinning, knitting, woodworking, quilting and all other fibery pursuits.

    • Hey Astrig: I apologize for being so difficult.
      Is there any chance that you might have 1 small cabin available as well?

      • Scratch the smaller cabin. The Honey Bee Bunkhouse will be great.
        Sorry for the confusion….family can’t make up their minds! See you soon.

  17. Hi, just sent an email hoping our family of 7 can come do service in return for a get away weekend. We rarely have an opportunity to do this and would love to see the park. Hope to see you then! Dawn Bedenik and family

    • Hi Dawn,
      We’d love to have you come and work with us this weekend…sorry it took so long to get back to you…we’ve been cleaning up for clean up weekend ;)
      Hope that you can still make it!

      • We plan to arrive Friday morning if that’s okay. We have a pop-up and some rakes! Looking foward to it. Thanks, The Bedbugs!

      • Perfect

        The Shores…Tidepools, Gardens, Goats and Honey Bees…You can visit our world on the regularly updated blog For quick up-dates and on-line specials, “Like” us on Facebook Searsport Shores is also host to the 6th Annual Fiber College on Penobscot Bay in September…52 classes and demonstrations for spinning, knitting, woodworking, quilting and all other fibery pursuits.

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  19. Hello
    how s the weather we re planning on coming in tonight is it very cold what s the plan for rain out still moving forward and get r done need anything special

    • Hey Steve, We are totally on for the weekend…looks like we’ll be dodging showers but there are plenty of things to do…intellicast says to expect temps in the mid to high 50’s at night, 60’s during the day. I’m headed out now, Astrig

      The Shores…Tidepools, Gardens, Goats and Honey Bees…You can visit our world on the regularly updated blog For quick up-dates and on-line specials, “Like” us on Facebook Searsport Shores is also host to the 6th Annual Fiber College on Penobscot Bay in September…52 classes and demonstrations for spinning, knitting, woodworking, quilting and all other fibery pursuits.


  21. Hi Steve and Astrig….just a note to let you know that Al and I had such a great time! We enjoyed being a part of the Searsport Shores clean-up weekend, meeting new friends, and enjoying all that your awesome campground has to offer. Thank you so much for making us feel at home and for that great experience. We plan on this being a tradition every year. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

  22. Hey Steve & Astrig!
    My folks, my husband & I would like to come for clean up weekend again this year! What weekend is it and do you still have a cabin available?

    – beka

  23. Sounds great Astrig, we look forward to seeing you:-) it’ll be just dad mom and me. They’ll come up Friday and help during the day. I’ll be up Friday night and help all day on Saturday. I think we’ll be leaving Saturday night so my sisters can still spend mothers day with mom.
    See you soon!

  24. I would like to bring the girl scouts again this year to help clean up if you have room , the spot we had last year was great we have 2 tents thanks Laura buter

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