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A wedding?

Dear Gretchen,

of course we have weddings here at the campground…always at least one every summer…and sometimes we even know about them ahead of time.  (other times we see a serious looking couple standing on the beach with two friends, and an official…they don’t think we’re watching but we’re smiling none the less).


100 years ago, Steven and I got married over on Rosalie’s Bluff in September with all of our friends, family and guests of the campground.  We had a wedding day cruise around Islesboro, lobster on the beach and a huge bonfire/bluegrass jam late into the night.  I’d share pictures with you but those were the days before digital cameras and I haven’t found the time to convert them…but it was wonderful.

Since then we’ve hosted formal weddings with white dresses, wedding vows in kayaks and lots of variations in the middle.  Once in a while I get an e-mail asking me for a “wedding package”…but we don’t do things that way…instead, you tell us what would be perfect and we try to accommodate…it’s a bit like having a cousin as a wedding planner (that would be me).


Part of getting old at the campground is how we’re beginning to say…ohhhh, do you remember when ____ used to throw stones and hunt for starfish…or remember what a brat he was…how can he be so handsome now with such a pretty fiancee?…you get the picture.

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  1. I can also testify to Astrig’s ability to faciliate real estate transactions for campers. We were tenting at Searsport Shores 4 years ago when our offer was accepted on the house of our dreams. Astrig helped us get the Purchase & Sales Agreements signed…she’s a woman of many talents!!

  2. Astrig, We didn’t know you 100 years ago, so how could you have been married that long?!

    I told Jan when we first met you that I thought you were about 29! She believed me, too! She always believes me!

    As you know, we have been back home from Georgia for several weeks. We hope you didn’t let Stephen eat all those pecans we brought you back, or didn’t he tell you about it?

    We had a wonderful Winter down there….people, places, and things. We ate more shrimp than we’ve eaten in our lives. I even made Jambalaya, and Gumbo……..Wow!

    Next Winter it’s going to be a family affair. My cousin, and her husband are going to return being about 30 minutes away. My oldest sister is retiring to Fernandina Beach, FL. Her son is a chef at the Ritz Carlton there, and he and his wife live in the area about 1 hour away. Jan has a cousin in Valdosta, GA about 2 hours West.

    I contacted the guy in Searsport interested in the Airstream. He had unexpected bills over the winter, so he took a pass on buying it. We are going to advertise it for sale, anyway. Until it does, we’ll be staying in it for as long as we can, or for the whole summer, whatever happens first.

    We should tell you that we bought a motor home. It’s a Class B on a Ford Econoline chassis. E-450 with a 10-cylinder gasoline engine. Come Fall, we’re going to camp across America and back. See our ‘kids’ out West.

    We’ll be putting our house up for sale, again, for the 3rd year! With all the foreclosures on the market, probably won’t sell this year. We may have to consider an investor, and take a loss. We may not have that much time left to wait for the market to come back. Thanks to all the greedy people who got our economy into this mess, and the greedy bankers who loaned them the money.

    Looking forward to seeing you both maybe Mother’s Day.


    • I’m thinking that I’m rather well preserved for a woman approaching 130…don’t you think? Congratulations on the new Class B…it’s a terrific way to travel! Mother’s day will be here before we know it…I hope that you’ll spend the weekend and join us at the pot luck on Saturday night. PS…I did get a FEW of those pecans…boy they were delicious!

  3. Astrig, the house is doing fine, as are the 3 little ones whom we are hoping to adopt soon. We’re looking forward to the ground drying up so we can play outside. We probably won’t get over camping this year, but perhaps in 2012. (We’ll be getting through a lot of red tape this summer.) I can already imagine the kids enjoying the beach and playground.

    • three little ones!? They are lucky children to have found you…I can’t wait to meet them and show you where to find starfish and hermit crabs!

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