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Nor’Easter…and a new loom

Wednesday was quiet and lovely at the ocean…I took these pictures of the shore from the ocean tenting deck…in the morning, afternoon and evening.  Notice that there’s not a cloud in the sky or a ripple on the water…think warm sunshine and a good book.  True to our famous New England weather, we blinked and things changed.  A Nor’Easter blew in Thursday night and now on Saturday we’re still running through cloud bursts and lot’s of blowing leaves.  You can almost hear Ichabod Crane wandering through the dark woods.


Morning, Noon and Night


The silver lining is that we’re enjoying perfect weather from my newest fiber project…Weaver and artist Susan Perrine of Bath gave us a Rio Grande Walking Loom to celebrate the new art studio and introduce more people to weaving.


Susie's in the top left corner threading the heddles, those are her gorgeous bags below…and my first project on the bottom right


With her help I’m learning to weave rugs, blankets and carpet bags this winter with the intention  of having the loom available for classes and work session here at Searsport Shores for campers while they are on vacation.  With advanced planning you (and a group of your friends if you’d like) can arrange private sessions with Susan here in Searsport …I don’t know about you but personally, the idea makes my heart skip a beat!

If you’ve been here in the past couple of years, you know Susan’s garden weaving project here at the campground…the long house as you’re coming into the park and the Tepee in the middle of Steve’s vegetable garden.

The office/store looks more like a studio (which is still coming along nicely, waiting to sheet rock this week) with wool and yarn tumbling off of every shelf…it creates an interesting impression when guests come in off the road each evening.  It’s funny that everyone knows someone who weaves and most comment that it’s something they’d like to do…I only have a small idea of what I’m doing but already I’ve convinced three people to give it a try with my shuttle stick…just doing my part to spread the wool fever!

6 responses to “Nor’Easter…and a new loom”

  1. Astrig, your passion is contagious, you are a wonderful ambassador for the crafting world! Can’t wait til we can get back up there, I miss Maine terribly.

  2. Hey Astrig… What a cool transition you’re making into fall! A new loom to while away the winter months. Outstanding!

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