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It’s gorgeous, quiet and very stimulating around here

We’ve been half closing down for a few weeks now…and after this weekend the toys in the playground are put away for the winter but we’ve left the gardens fully decorated for now…it’s simply too pretty to close down.  This weekend, the village of Searsport had a Fall Festival…here are a few of the pictures I’ll take.  For those of you who know Norma, our “head” gardener, you’ll see she’s judging the scarecrow contest.

If you’re thinking about coming up for a visit, we’ll be open and fully functioning at least this week, after that it’s best to call…we’ll be able to host self contained campers and hardy tenters until the Fall rains really set in.  While you’re here we’ll be dying wool, making applesauce, pickling veggies and weaving a rug on a Rio Grand Floor loom~ consider this a formal invitation to join in the fun.

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