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Gray, soothing skies

It’s the second day of monochromatic winter…everything is in shades of gray from early morning until there’s no more light in the evening…funny how during these days the nighttime sky is brighter than the one we look at all day.  But there’s fresh snow on the ground, now cold winds and we’ve been skiing around the park to keep the chocolate brownies and extra computer time from showing up on our posteriors…a constant consideration these days 😉

Peaceful moments

In a perverse way I’m starting to panic that the winter is flying by too quickly and I haven’t been doing all that I wanted.  Understanding that I loath to be away am content here at the campground I panic cringe when I see too many commitments on the horizon.  Already my calendar is filling with trips to Boston for the big wholesale gift show (I’m not much of a shopper so this event in the Hynes Auditorium is overwhelming), Portland for the New England Products show (overwhelming for a different reason~ so many beautiful things that cost so much more than we can have), Freeport for SPA (OK…no complaints, this is a wonderful weekend filled with knitting, spinning and chatting by the fire with 500+ other women) and Bangor for the accountant and a library affair.

You know, when I list it out things don’t sound so bad…bring it on!  These are some photos of yesterday’s skiing.  If you look closely you’ll see two big ships in the bay waiting out the storm and Steven’s wearing  his Christmas present, a new vest…if you were here this Fall I was just dyeing the wool and spinning the yarn in preparation.  Neeshee is the goat with big horns and the fiber is his…at the moment the vest is the only bright spot of color on the horizon.

3 responses to “Gray, soothing skies”

  1. What beautiful colors in that vest! And I agree — the calm and quiet of winter can go by too quickly. I love the chance to sit back, catch my breath, and work on some projects without deadlines. But here in Oklahoma it’s almost seed-starting time!

  2. I don’t think I ever heard the wind how that loud before! The insurance adjuster is coming today and we have a roofer friend who says he can fix at least that part of the roof now – probably have to have the whole thing done in the spring – it’s due. Did you have any damage at the campground?

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