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Still Surfing Around the Internet

We’re getting ready ready to launch our call for instructors for Fiber College (s0 there’s plenty of research to do)…it’s very cold outside…my laptop has a wonderful screen…the sun steams beautifully through the kitchen table window…all elements add up to spending alot of time surfing the internet this past week. 

Here’s are three blogs I found that relate to our Maine way of life…very different perspectives on our shared world.

The Four Winds Photo Journal Blog…Sandy takes the most gorgeous pictures, mostly of Maine and has a passion for gardening…great reading on a snowy morning.  The birds she has been posting are commonly found here at Searsport Shores. ..and her photos are much better than mine.

If you’re interested in well written essays on a wide variety of subjects, check out One Man’s Mind.  A retired publishing executive, Jim Krosschell lives less than an hour south of us in Owl’s Head.  He offers a variety of opinions that are certain to add to your dinner table conversations.  I’ve book marked this site to be read anytime I plan on going to a committee meeting in Augusta…it never hurts to read a good opinion.

Make no mistake, Steven and I are not homesteaders.  Steven likes to provide us with a wide variety of organic vegetables and flowers year ’round and I have so much pleasure with our goats…shearing and spinning their luxurios mohair wool…but our biggest “crop” is satisfied camping guests and we like it that way.

What's Up?

Still, many of our favorite people come to Maine for an independant life.  It’s easier here because we don’t worry about saving money by not buying a double latte at Starbucks everyday and we aren’t tempted by retail therapy every waking hour of our lives.   If living off the grid sounds interesting to you, visit Homesteading in Maine and learn from the Grant’s committment to living in harmony with the world.

As soon as I get my own camera fixed (I dropped it on the rocks), I’ll post pictures of the beach…take care for now, Astrig

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