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Planning for September

This week has been the launch of Fiber College 2010…we’re looking for instructors to teach the approximate40 classes that are always held the second weekend of September…if you’re interested…click here for the invitation…remember that if you can combine teaching (or vending) with your camping trip…it all becomes a tax write off 😉

In my world “call for instructors” means spending a lot of time in front of the computer writing to artists, artist associations, cooperative studios, newspapers and on-line groups…it’s a bit like diving into a Caribbean Coral Reef because everywhere I look there’s something beautiful and someone talking about a passion that I want to share.  It’s so easy to get distracted by the beautiful art work that I forget my mission…and the hours go by.  But I have the Fiber College Committee to keep me grounded and focused…it’s the only way I can keep from drifting off through the day without having anything to show for my time…except more dreams of projects for the campground.

It's not your eyes, the photos a bit blurry because of the slow shuttle speed…but isn't it peaceful?

There’s plenty of snow on the ground so we’ve been skiing every day around the trails and roads of the park.  Because of all the tree trimming Steven and Mike did in November we haven’t had a single tree come down yet…not even a big branch.  This makes Steve very happy but me…I like to feed the goats the pine branches and I haven’t been able to give them a single treat because none have fallen…proof that good deeds never go unpunished 😉

Want to see how peaceful things are…I took these pictures Saturday night at the Belfast Footbridge overlooking the Belfast Harbor…

Maxfield Parrish sky

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