More Computer Time

peaceful all looks so very pristine!

Running a campground offers us the marvelous benefit of living with the rhythm of the seasons. In the Spring we burst outdoors rested up from our current winter “quiet time”…and Spring seems so far away at the moment.

Right now we enjoy spending more hours visiting with old friends, eating great food and poking around the internet. Last night at Bea and Sam’s we indulged in all three of our favorite activities.

After a great meal of Armenian comfort food and some passionate table talk covering politics, land values and marketing strategies, we settled in with a couple of laptop computers to show each other our favorite websites.

Have you been to the TipNut website?  Apparently most of the world knew about it but I’d never seen it…so in case you haven’t run across this super site, take time to poke around.

It’s written by a single, Canadian writer who must be a gifted researcher, star organizer and genuinely generous woman because although she must be paid for advertising, I can’t imagine that she’s becoming rich…blog writing takes a deceptively long time and this author seems to adhere closely to her vow not to imitate anyone else’s site…at any rate, I’m keeping it bookmarked for future reference and hope that it’s useful to you…

Note to self:  2010 would be a good year to become more organized

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