Quick Trip to Camden

Grampa's Antiques at the corner of Routes 52 and 173

Grampa's Antiques at the intersection of routes 52 and 173

Any excuse is a good excuse to take a drive along the back roads of Maine in the Fall.  We needed carbon paper for an art project so dad and I put a sign on the door and took route 52 to Camden.  Since I can remember there’s an antique store that always looks clean and nice at the intersection of 52 and 173 but I’ve never stopped because I’m in a hurry it’s never been the right time…but it was today.  And you should stop too.  Inside you’ll find well displayed out of print books, china, jewelry and stuff…perfect for dawdling a bit.

Rural Maine

Rural Maine

Just across from Grampa’s is this beautifully restored colonial home…in a perfect world I’d have photoshopped the trash can but hey…not today.

In Camden we ate at the old pharmacy location…Boyton and McKay’s I think it’s called.  It’s my favorite sandwich shop in town and others must agree because it’s always busy with folks who aren’t merely passing through for a day or two.  I had a hot gyros wrap and Dad had a roast beef wrap…both were good and left us with just enough appetite for a peanut butter swirled fudge brownie and coffee…it’s so easy to make me happy!

The river to Camden Harbor

The river to Camden Harbor

Heading to Boyton's

Heading to Boyton

What's your pleasure?

What's your pleasure?

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