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RVer’s Noticed Rise in Gas Prices

I don’t know how many of you subscribe to the Google Alert service but if there’s anything of particular interest to you and you don’t mind wading through lots of alerts that are of no concern, then by all means sign up.  I’m alerted by google when the words campground and camping show up in postings and news releases.  This interesting excerpt came from a front page article in this morning’s Times and Transcript Newspaper out of New Brunswick:

“…If it costs you too much to drive, then drive less and camp more. That’s the thing with RVing, if the weather isn’t nice where you are, you can move; if you are bored, you can travel; and if the price of gas is too high, just find a nice place and stay there.”

While fuel prices were on everyone’s tongue at the big show, it didn’t deter anyone from checking out the 2008 line of vehicles, accessories, campgrounds and trends, with a large number of people in attendance on Saturday though numbers waned during yesterday’s blinding snowstorm. Final numbers were still being tabulated late yesterday.

The GoRVing coalition of manufacturers, dealers and campground operators have polled RVers and discovered to no one’s surprise that gas prices are a concern to more than half of Canadian RVers.

But annual RV sales figures which show a 13 per cent increase last year over 2006’s numbers — and an impressive jump of 63 per cent over the last three years — clearly show that the price of fuel isn’t stopping buyers from adopting the RV lifestyle.

“It’s a great way to see the country,” says Catherine Fortin LeFaivre of GoRVing.

“There’s a freedom to RVing that’s not associated with other types of vacations.”

Fortin LeFaivre agreed with Bourque that some RVers are travelling less but camping out just as much, or even more, because of fuel prices. High gas prices are not hampering their fun, she says. In fact, those RVers are enjoying savings from not having to rent motel rooms and from cooking their own meals rather than eating in restaurants during their holidays…

No earth shattering news here I know, but it’s nice to have my reality reinforced in print 😉

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