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Choosing a tent site…and photos for Stephanie

Choosing a tent site in a campground is a very personal quest…especially if you’re going to stay awhile. Here at Searsport

Oak Lane…a site along the lane of oaks
The Swing Site…plenty of room for large families

Shores, your first decision is where you want to be in the park. We offer walk-in tent sites and traditional sites where you park and set up beside your car. If you need water and electricity at your site, then you’ll be in a traditional site. If your tent is huge (usually over 14×10) then you’ll also be in a traditional site. But if you’d prefer to forget about transportation with a motor and get away from modern life, then choose a walk-in tent site. We provide you with garden carts to bring your things to your site, there’s drinking water close by all of the sites, and porta potties for your comfort.

How far are you from your car? One to 5 minutes depending on how slowly you walk and how far you want to get away. Why is there a tent size limit? Not because the sites are small, but because we take stewarding this land very seriously and don’t want the soil to become so compacted that we’re left offering a dusty circle to guests who visit later in the summer…lush ferns and succulent clover are so much nicer.

The view from ocean tent sites 20 and 21…site #10 is just to the left of the chairs, site #11 is to the right

Ocean or privacy? Well, remember that in July and August, everyone wants to be on the water so decide which is more important to you. Away from the water isn’t a bad thing…here’s a bit of proof: The first two pictures are “silver sites” Oak lane and the Swing site. The third photo is taken from the “gold site” #20, #21 basically has the same view. These two sites are set back from the water to accommodate larger tents and a surround of shade.

If you look at a map of our layout, we enjoy 40 acres in a pie shaped lot. There’s 1400 feet of beach (about a quarter mile) and no matter where your are in the park, you’re never more than a 3-4 minute stroll to the water. Before Searsport Shores was turned into a campground in the 1960’s by Colonel J Treat, it was part of a coastal farm and you’ll still see some of the old apple trees and lines of boulevard oaks gracing the land. I know that I’m prejudice but when you get here you’ll feel it too…there’s restorative energy around here for the benefit of everyone.

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  1. They are beautiful sites–to bad my tenting tdays are over with hehe

    Will spring ever come :0(

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