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Brilliant Sunshine and Mussels in White Wine

Yesterday was so gray and comfortably silent.


Today was brilliant, bright and energizing!


So Steven picked a mess of mussels for us and we steamed them in white wine with the last of the garlic from the garden.  While he cleaned the mussels, I made a loaf of oatmeal bread for soaking up the sauce…oh, how nice dinner can be!   Blue mussels are sweetest in the winter but if you get them fresh in the summer, they’re still tender and sweet with a taste of the ocean.


When you come to stay at the campground, ask at the office how to get to Sears Island.  Unless the flats are closed, you can pick mussels here without a license and if you’d like to dig clams, we’ll set that up for you without any advanced planning (except on Sunday).


Isn’t this photo cool?  It’s simply the mussels in a white bucket while we were outside on the beach…no Photoshop here.


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  1. Astrig, you wrote

    “…so gray and comfortably silent.”


    And those steamed mussels sound so delicious (doubtless the oatmeal bread is too!)


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