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Must have been low blood sugar!

I’m totally over my little self-pity party…just a blip in heaven…thank you to all wrote and made me laugh!136_3688.jpg I just needed a good rub on the shoulder, a little bit of time picking blueberries and a wake up call…I got all three and I’m grateful…Thanks for rattling my cage!

Just as a point of clarification, I wasn’t referring to any of our guests…only phone calls I seemed to be fielding from afar…but anyway, Elaine and Bob came down last night to watch the office (I think Steve put the word out beachstairs.jpgwhile I was hosting Candy Bar Bingo) and as soon as the last winner was declared, we headed out for a picnic at the footbridge…Boar’s Head Ham, Vermont Cheese, homemade salsa, chips and a couple of cold Lobster Ales…I only wish I brought my camera because the location is perfect…when you come please be sure to ask for directions…

It’s hot breezy and lovely today. There’s no one in the playground or rec hall because I think the entire campground population is either swimming or kayaking at the beach. There have been plenty of porpoise in thepicture-183.jpg Bay…this is a shot taken during the paddle back from Sears Island. I’m headed for a swim myself before the afternoon is over. I was productive in the cool of the morning though. I cleaned out the garden by the store and made room for some of the potted plants we’ve been nurturing for mid-summer kellie31.jpgsplendor. The monarch butterflies arrived in the past couple of days. We tend milkweed in the gardens so that they have plenty to eat and the payback is enormous…we all watch from the moment of arrival, through the voracious larva form, the cocoons and finally the newly hatched butterflies like this one to the left.

You know you’re getting old when the kids around you go from looking at your knee caps to checking out the gray hairs on the top of your head. kellie12.jpg Candace just sent us these photos of her daughter Kellie. They have been camping here every year since 2001 and whenever they call to say they’re coming to the coast, we always try to find them a spot near the playground. If you haven’t been here before, the corner of the playground is watched over by a sea captain mascot…one of the many treasure my mother unearthed while driving the back roads in search of nautical antiques. This little man has been in more photos than we can count, but here we can witness the progress of the years…the first picture is Kellie at age 3 and here she was a couple of weeks ago at age 10…she was a great kid then and now she’s cool kid everyone else is trying to be on the playground! During a cruise Kellie made friends with girls from England and hopefully, this will be a surprise if they can find their way to the blog.

Yesterday 20+ campground kids competed in a scavenger hunt. One of the required items was to write three complete sentences responding to the question: Why is it fun to camp at Searsport Shores? The responses: (1) You can find different kind of things in the ocean. (2) They have fun arts and crafts at night. (3) You meet lots of new and nice people.

Could I add anything more?

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