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Is it just my world?

Has anyone else noticed this subtle shift of energy? Have I become more sensitive, or has the world become more aggressive over the past weeks? I don’t get it…when someone is calling me to make a reservation, I and anyone else in this office answers the telephone pleasantly and genuinely wants to help accommodate the caller’s vacation. So why talk with us as if we’re the enemy? That old adage, you get more with honey than vinegar is oh so very true. We’re not set up like a parking lot so each of our sites is a bit different. Think of it like the guest bedrooms in your home.  When we ask the size of the tent or the number of adults, children and pets who will be camping with you…we’re not being nosey…we’re trying to choose the right spot for the harmony of everyone’s vacation.

If the caller starts with a pleasant voice and shares their hopes and concerns, we do all that we can to be the perfect vacation destination…and sometimes we succeed…Lisa from Montreal wrote this morning:

Hi Astrig,

I camped out at your special resort last week. You chose the perfect spot(#OT11). I just wanted to say I had a wonderful time full of wonderful memories. Thank-you….I am so glad to have met you and I hope to be back again soon. I look forward to developing my pictures(yes, an archaic camera, not a digital!!!!). The driving route that you marked for my friend Roberta, was beautiful!!!! Thanx again. Take care


If you talk with me as though I’m either simple or simply un-educated, you’re more apt to get the first open spot on the reservation books…call me human. It doesn’t happen often but when we mess up we’ll turn ourselves inside out to make everything right. When you’re making first contact with us, remember that we haven’t been part of your past camping experiences; Start the conversation assuming that we’re on your side and we’re going to make your vacation memorable in a good way.

Going back to the guest room analogy.  If you have two guest rooms, one with a large picture window that opens to the East and another in the basement beside the media room- both are perfectly nice rooms.  Early rising Aunt Clara is going to be happy in one and miserable in the other…switch those rooms with your brother-in-law who watches movies ’til 2 and again you can have satisfied or miserable…who can say which was the perfect room?  But it sure makes a big difference to the person sleeping in the bed!

There’s a phrase we rely on in the tourism industry: “we remember all of our guests with a smile…some when they arrive and others when they leave.” I’m officially stepping off my soap box now. If I’ve been offensive, please remember that I’m waiting to catch my second wind and these 14 hour days are catching up with me…;)… the next posting will be filled with activities and photos…promise!

2 responses to “Is it just my world?”

  1. Hi Astrig,

    Snap out of it! We arrive on Sunday and we’ll do our best to be the most pleasant, least trouble campers ever! Hopefully, you’ll smile when we get there, smile when we leave, and smile sometime later in the year just because you thought about us. 🙂

    In return I hope you’ll give us lots of suggestions for fun stuff to do. Oh and could you also keep away the thunderstorms? We are psyched for a positive, restful, unplugged week, with a few fun excursions and exploring thrown in. Then, of course, there’s our new goal, of making you laugh at least once before we leave.

    See you Sunday!

    The Giuffridas

  2. Hi Astrig!

    Sounds like it’s been a rough day! My son and I love reading your postings and we can’t wait for our visit next week! Chris has been counting down the days til our vacation for weeks!

    From all your previous postings and my emails to you, I know we’re going to have a fantastic time! As seasoned tent campers, we are looking forward to being spoiled in that RV and being surrounded by all that beauty!

    My daughter, Kaleigh, is excited to try her very first lobster, and my husband and I are thrilled to have some down time to be with our kids and do some bike riding!

    Thanks for all you do for those of us who are visitors to your home. Can’t wait to meet you in person!

    The Paccioretti Family

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