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p7290066.jpgWe specialize in relaxation…just look at Susan! The weather has been absolutely perfect for a vacation on the ocean…I always feel as if our guests have won some sort of cosmic lottery when we have a string of sunny days and cool evenings. In my world, if it rains a gentle patter in the night then p7140006.jpgwe have surpassed perfection.

Things have been busy in a bubbles in the playground sort of way…light, bouncy and reflecting beautiful colors that burst at unexpected moments. With some of the campers we did a sun painting on the picnic tables withheliograph printing using the leaves and flowers we collected from the gardens.

p7120002.jpgThe ocean has been steadily over 60 degrees for the past two weeks. If you’re not from Maine this might not sound like cause for celebration but for us this is wicked warm. Even the starfish are coming up tropical in purples, oranges and shades of blue. Steven has been continuing to help with David Delaney’s ocean experiments…the kids have been assisting with the scientific measurements and reporting the data back toMcGill University. p7290063.jpg

Monday and Tuesday, Elaine ran a great two-day activity with the kids in the park. The first night they made treasure stones with a mixture of coffee grounds, flour, salt, glitter and water. Inside the stones were game pieces to either a barrel of monkeys or the can of sardines. It took a night in the oven to dry but on Tuesday Elaine hid all 72 of the stones in the group tenting area for the kids to find.

Once they hunted down the stones the p7290065.jpgteams broke into game groups- The Monkeys and the Sardines. The Monkeys each had to accomplish a chain of game pieces with the support of their teammates (for most this was the first time they played this ‘old fashioned’ game). In the photo to the right you’ll see Bella, Elaine, Josie, Samuel, Luke and Alex. The Sardines worked to fit their game pieces into a can…and there was only one solution. They showed great style as they made it work…most impressive. In order, the photo to the left shows Collin, Abby,Ashlyn, Victoria and Blake…all from different states ranging from Np7250057.jpgew Hampshire to New Jersey.

One of the things we do here at the campground is offer Valet Parking…we’ll make certain that you can get into your campsite without skipping a beat and there’s never a charge…butMarsten got extra credit when he came back about 20 minutes after setting up with a frozen daiquiri for dad…something about it being 5 o’clock somewhere!

Tomorrow we’re doing a natural dyeing workshop with wool and goldenrod…I’ll post pictures before the weekend is out…ciao for now,Astrig

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