Happy Valentines Day!

It’s our day of love…can you feel it? In this virtual reality I feel like singing from the rooftop…

I love my husband! I love my family, I love my flock and little slice of heaven here on the Maine coast. I love the celebrations we host, the friends that we’ve made and the community that holds us tight. Thank you to everyone who supports us in our little world…we continue to promise to give back every step of the way!

3 responses to “Happy Valentines Day!”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Astrig and Steve ❤️ Love the pictures and the posts!! We are starting to think about the summer and, as it turns out, are going to be able to come to Searsport.   I am hoping something is still available. We would take any site on the ocean any week starting on June 24th through September.   Our first choice would be #3, then 4 and then any one along the oceanfront.  Fingers crossed 🤞, something is available!!! Take good care of yourselves and stay safe!!    Fondly,Rosemary Meeks

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