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Celebrating the snow!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I visited our poor neglected blog…I’m making a new pledge to give it more attention as life settles into a more “normal” rhythm. What more perfect way than to share a videos of the flawless blanket of snow that covered us over the weekend? It’s 30 seconds of “nothing special”…just Penobscot Bay as it sparkles!

snowshoeing along the boardwalk at low tide

Our little bubble of a world has been relaxed and comfortable. The family came for the holidays and then Steven and I settled into our January routine of organizing paperwork, making charts, plans and lists of things we must get done before the snow melts (hear me wishing for a very long winter?). We’ve been pursuing our pleasures…me with the weaving, spinning and dyeing, Steve with the community orchestra and a myriad of other musical pursuits. On these very short winter days, the animals have remained happy and healthy and all of us have been consuming a few too many calories while reading and catching up on Netflix…but certainly the snowshoes helped today, right?

Burning calories

We’ve made plans to expand the playground and reservations are coming in nicely. I’m thrilled to have Elaine back “in the office” with us choosing sites for people. She’s very good at it, because she spent 15 years in the park and really cares about guest experiences. Last year she moved to VA to be closer to family. One of the gifts of Covid was learning that we didn’t need to be in the same space to work effectively. We’ve gotten some very nice press lately and we’ve needed the help. Did you see the article that came out in Conde’ Nast Traveller just before Christmas? We were chosen the Best Campground to visit this year! Wow!

I’ve got to run and feed the flock… but we wish you well and I promise to stay in touch more often.

I’ve missed you too! Astrig

May peace and health be with you!

4 responses to “Celebrating the snow!”

  1. Wonderful news that Elaine is coming back!!
    We miss you and all those fluffy friendly critters.

    • The pandemic kept us from Boston this Fall…I’m sorry that we didn’t get together for the museum. Please stay well, hugs to you both!

  2. Being snowbound at The Shores with the animals is as good as snowbound gets. Thanks for the catch up and great pics!

    • True that! Nothing makes me feel more settled in my heart than looking out and seeing them all fat and happy! The untouched blanket of snow just completes the picture of bliss for me!

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