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Keeping Our Balance

In Searsport, life is pretty much “normal” in our campground centric world. Steve’s outside re-designing the gardens to make the entrance to the garden kitchen more attractive, Mike & Wayne are building picnic tables & benches, Julie & Kent (one of two new couples who will be helping us this summer) are cleaning and organizing the office/rec hall while they quarantine for 14 days, Deb is painting signs and I’m in the house tending to reservations, Makers Guild of Maine “stuff” and summer programs. While I blinked the crocuses came up but we’re still a long way away from daffodils and forsythias.

We expect to hear more about when and how we will be permitted to open but for the moment we’re thinking that we’ll host self contained campers by Memorial Day. We’ll keep the bathhouse closed in the beginning and do all of our check in/check outs from the porch. We’ll have plenty of space to stagger campers throughout the park so distance shouldn’t be an issue…and goodness knows we have plenty of places to explore in the region that are remote enough to avoid anyones exhalations. We’ll follow CDC guidelines about masks and disinfecting.

In Official news, we’ve had information on seasonal camping and reservations procedures.

All in all, the wildly fluctuating weather is creating a lot of extra work and the virus has shaken our foundations…our hearts are with those who are feeling the impact more immediately than we are and our faith in humanity is hitting the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We can still count on the tides, the curiosity of a lamb, the nourishment of a home cooked meal and anticipation we feel at the beginning of every camping season…be well and please stay in touch,

Astrig & Steve

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  1. Thanks for posting the guidance about seasonal campers. We’re all looking forward to making our way to Maine as soon as we can.

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