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Winter Life


You know, I write on this blog all of the time…the problem is, I do it in my mind as though I’m sending psychic post cards to friends yet somehow I have a million reasons for not actually sitting at the computer and typing you a note…if you are on instagram, you can find me there almost daily and Steve is there a couple of times a week.  Instagram is my goto for keeping in touch because I love having a mostly uncurated window into other people’s lives…and scrapbooking my own.


As a quick catch up, in November, Steven, Dad and I went to Colombia, South America to soak up the sun and culture.  We wanted to learn more about their government supported eco-tourism practices.  We visited Cartagena, Santa Marta and Jardin, staying in ecohousing options and talking with local business owners whenever possible. We learned that while hobbit house habitations are a cool concept, they are not particularly friendly to guests with mobility issues and bungalows of bamboo can’t be translated into Maine cedar cabins no matter how hard I try.


Here at the campground we just got our first real snowstorm yesterday and I’m feeling jubilant!  I swear it has been nothing but ice and grey weather for weeks on end…a dismal contrast to the blue skies and bright sun we’re usually treated to at the beginning of the year.   On the front burner of our lives, we’re working with friends from Belfast to create a new website. Like so many conversations, we find it easy to say “I don’t like that” or “that’s pretty good” but when it’s time to articulate the specifics, we can’t seem to find the words so we’ve brought in the professionals to help us update our story.

First came the site map created by the wonderful illustrator Lisa Griffin


We LOVE this map but couldn’t figure out how to translate its “feel” to our website so we asked Belfast photographer and graphic designer Sally Brophy to help us…one question for you (and we’d REALLY like to hear from you): If we used a mermaid in our logo (not the Disney kind but our billboard kind)…would you think us too childish? Once the web layout and colors are chosen, we’re going to work with Ned Lightner the local cable producer to tell our story with short videos…watch out friends, we’re keeping up with the times ;).

The reservation side of our world is bubbling along nicely…people are starting to get excited about camping and we’re looking forward to a good season.  That reminds me, we’d love to host a new worker camper couple…have any suggestions?

In the meantime, be well and please stay in touch.  If there are things that you love about campground websites, please tell us…if there’s a trend that you hate…tell us that too.  We’d never be the park we are without your input and once again we’re asking.

With hugs from a bright window by the Bay,


PS…in case you hadn’t heard, our free clean up weekend has new dates this year: May 19-21


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  1. While I was teaching there…a lady whose husband run a state fair…maybe New Jersey was telling me she’d love to work the camp…perhaps you remember her!

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