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Lobsterbakes on the Beach

What’s the best way to celebrate the summer on the Maine coast? With butter dripping down your chin and wood smoke drifting through the air as the seafood steams in its bed of freshly harvested seaweed. Add a layer of scent coming from the homemade bread hot out of the oven and brought directly to your table. Oh, and don’t forget the boiled Maine corn on the cob and roasted onions that are so sweet you could save them for dessert…but you won’t because I’ll be making you a fresh, seasonal dessert…maybe strawberry shortcake when the strawberries are still warm from the gardens (the ones by the goat house) with freshly whipped heavy cream or maybe a chocolate lava cake…always with Gifford’s Ice Cream made close by in Skowhegan.

The "Maine Event"
The “Maine Event”

Saturday nights in July and August,  Steven and JT start the fires early in the afternoon and start cooking after Dad gets the seafood from the local fishermen. We limit the number of dinners we serve to 50 people and we guarantee that you’ll leave completely satisfied…but reserve your tickets ahead of time because the dinners are often sold out the week before it’s time to sit down.

Dinners are $65/person and when you order you can specify that you’d prefer lobster or a hand cut steak. There’s a $20 option for those who want to participate but because of size of appetite or taste preferences, would prefer to have all beef hot-dogs instead of lobster and enjoy all the other trimmings.

Because of the way we serve dinner, everyone coming down to the festivities must have a ticket and we don’t have a way for you to share dinners. If you have children who only eat PB & J, bring a picnic blanket to tuck near the kayaks and they can have a picnic under your watchful eye while you enjoy dinner.

We’ll take care of everything…you only need to think about bringing a bottle of wine or beverage of your choice if you’d like something other than our strawberry lemonade.

The menu:
Fresh from Penobscot Bay
1 1/2 pound Maine Lobster or a man size hand cut steak
Garden Treats
Locally harvested  Blue Mussels
Steamer Clams
Maine Grown Roasted Corn and yellow potatoes
Melt in your mouth New England style sweet onions
Homemade Rolls or Breads
Lots of real butter
Homemade Seasonal Dessert and Maine made ice cream
Strawberry Lemonade and Hot Coffee…you bring the drinks of your choice.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I just found your web site. We were in Searsport just passing through for the first time yesterday on our way to Acadia. We moved to Maine this past winter from Iowa so we’re still sort of tourists. We plan on coming up that direction to camp sometime mid- to late August. I’ll definitely be calling you guys first! Searsport is such a delightful little town! We walked through the main street area and then down to the park. We have two sons ages 2 and 10 and they really enjoyed it. It really seems like an ideal little town.

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