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Take time to make family memories…

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There’s nothing that creates lasting family memories quite like Camping! 

The smell of salt air, of wood smoke, or pine needles can transport me instantly to my youth, to a time and place where life was less complicated. Memories of new vistas and adventures, long journeys, making up songs in the back seat of the car with my brother to pass the time.

The thing I remember most about camping is my Dad.

I remember his smile, and sense of adventure. Dad could fix anything and solve any problem. He wasn’t too tired or too busy…… when we were camping.

(Posted by Alice Seeger)

This Father’s Day Weekend “The Shores” is offering a special Kayak rental offer!

 $35/ day for Dad (or Grandfather) with a Child. 


Take time to make family memories…

We have your campsite waiting for you!


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