The Sun over Searsport

The Sun over Searsport

Wow…August was a cheerful blur, September was as bountiful as it was colorful and October slipped in while I was daydreaming at the beach. I apologize for how long it has been since the last posting…and promise more in the week to come…lots of pictures and catching up. In the meantime, this was the view from site 14 this morning.

2 Comments on “The Sun over Searsport

  1. As usual our time there was all too short. Still haven’t spent the time to take the walks into the woods, more time on the beach. But the sun in its glory in the mornings was just as beautiful as ever. The sound of the rain lulled me to sleep and the wool was soft to work with and relaxing, both were so therapeutic . The best therapy I have ever had. It was a wonderful spiritual and physical renewal for the days spent there.


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