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Curious about Reiki and Aromatherapy?

ImageNext week our art in residence program takes a slightly different turn…we’re happy to have Bonnie Gray Levesque join us for Reiki sessions and aromatherapy crafts…the other day she wrote:

The sun is still shining brightly in our pristine state of Maine and likely the days will still be hot and the evenings kissed with a comfortable coolness this next week at

the campground.

The shoreline holds great promises for rocks and shells to use as patterns for the

essential oil jewelry we will be making.  A sprinkle or two of our pure lavender oil

will only add to the great night of sleep you will have after a long hard day of play!




Do you plan to hike in Bar Harbor?  Well do not wear rubber footwear and dress appropriately.

Here is my story…..Family was visiting from Switzerland with their three children, under the age of 9.   The plan was the women and children would meet our husbands at the downside of the mountain after they had climbed to the top.

In an attempt to take the easy, short, hiking trail because of the children and the fact that my son was wearing rubber footwear, we decided to embark on the lighter hike on the easy section of Precipice, there was only a gradual incline and the rocks were 6 to 8 feet in width as well as textured so that one couldn’t slip.

Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn and realized this only too late as we looked down almost 600 feet off a steep cliff!  Hoping we would reach the end if we kept moving forward, we came upon another hiker who told us it only got worse.   Swallowing hard, we slowly turned back being very careful not to slip on the wet leaves close to the edge of some very narrow paths very, very close to…well, nothing.  Yikes…  Making a long story short, we did make it down the mountain and all in one piece.   The essential oil Balance, Serenity, or lavender would have been handy to have at that moment to calm the nerves!

We had not realized just how dangerous our hike had become (thank God).  One can only imagine the horror we felt when, only a few months later, a student from our wonderful University of Maine in Orono, fell to her death only a few hundred feet above the spot where we decided to turn and make our descent.

On many levels, learn from our experience.  However, should you not take my advice or for any other reason encounter any minor falls or experience pulled muscles, either hiking or any other activity, and you or one of your family members has or will attend my essential oil class, “Essential Oils for Pain Management, ”  you will find relief from the salve that we will be making!  Yay!



So, here is to healthy fun days at Acadia or anywhere else you choose to spend the days while at the campground and just know that you can find pain relief through either the essential oils, AromaTouch or Reiki while you are at Searsport Shores.

See you next week.


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