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The First Day of Spring

Post cards for Easter…I learned the linocarving with our artist in residence last year.

2012 is going to be a brilliant year…yes, I know we were cheated out of alot of snow but to give credit to the Gods where it is due, we did have that pretty storm right on Christmas Eve…and now…There are Junes in Maine that aren’t as warm as the days we’ve enjoyed lately.

Our neighbors got their gardens rototilled today, I planted peas and lettuce, started shearing the goats and have been walking the hound on the beach each afternoon in a tee-shirt.  I know I should say that I wish you all were here…but shhhhh…truth be told it’s really, really nice to have few responsibilities, no guests and summer weather all to myself…I even fell asleep on one of the ocean benches today…I never get to do that.

Did I mention that the art studio is a mess and not fit for company either?  I’m felting window valances for the new Honey Bee Bunkhouse, have several sewing projects in very stages of completion, a rug on the loom that doesn’t seem to want to get finished…and I had a strong urge to make block print postcards to celebrate Spring…”studio” is really just a fancy word for ADD playroom in my world 😉

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This slideshow is made of pictures I took today on my walk along the beach to Searsport Village…Happy Spring!

3 responses to “The First Day of Spring”

  1. LOVE, LOVE the photos you put up today! It makes me want to be there again soon! “Happy Spring” to you also.. Linda

  2. Don’t know where my comment disappeared to – but, I’m trying again…

    I am so looking forward to going up to Searsport this year for Fiber College – looking forward to walking that beach and taking photos! This will be my first trip to Fiber College –

    Am nhsarab on ravelry – and we are friends – so, we must have met at one time. I missed running into you at SPA this year – mainly cause I didn’t spend a lot of time away from our hotel and knitting!

    • Hi Sara,
      Commenting on other peoples blogs are a frustration for me too…I’m so glad that you’ll be coming up this year! Fiber College is the most creative week of the entire year in Searsport…I’m spending my time getting the FC class list on line right now…in between shearing the goats and doing felting projects this week.

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