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Smells Like Spring

At the edge of the beach…the first flowering coltsfoot…also know as Assfoot, Coughwort, Horsehoof, British Tobacco, Bullsfoot, and Fieldhove. Coltsfoot is a natural remedy for coughs and chest congestion if it is brewed as a tea…but with caution because high quantities can permanently damage the liver. Interestingly, the goats won’t touch it.

In a “normal” Spring the ice would be just breaking out of the rivers in late March and we wouldn’t be in shirt sleeves until the very end of April…and then only on Special days.  But the Goddesses have decided to reward us with good behavior…yesterday the hound and I walked to the park without a hat and sweater…found flowering colts foot and ate our sandwich listening to the spring birds calling in full force…it reminded me of what “delightful” really means.

Looking towards Northport with white cedars to break the very gentle breeze while we ate our sandwiches & clementines.

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