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New Rack Cards

One of the perks and curses of having our own little business is that we all do our own marketing.  Steven is the Webmaster for campocean.com and I’m his chief consultant.  I’m the author of this blog and Steven gets to comment on most things I write before I hit the publish button…(I think of him as the tempered voice from the other office cubby, but I never say that out loud).  When it comes to print design, I do the first layout work in Adobe Photoshop and Steven tweaks the edges and polishes it to a more professional look.  In 19 years we’ve gotten it down to a pretty good system where we sense when feelings are getting bruised and come back to the project after a bit of breathing space and maybe a glass of wine (is that sharing too much information?)

In everything we do, we try to capture the feeling we have about the campground…so there’s some obligatory bias but we temper it by using the photos and words that guests leave with us…that way you see things through the eyes of someone who’s visiting and looking for the same sorts of atmosphere/amenities that you are.

Anyway, today we sent the new rack cards to the printers…what do you think?  You may recognize Jack Chisholm dancing with his granddaughter and there’s a special thanks out there to Jackson for the beautiful pictures he took.  Jackson’s been camping here since he was shorter than me and now he’s a handsome young man with a world of talent at his fingertips…go Jackson!

Rack Card Front
The back side

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