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Happy New Year

Celebrating the addition of honey bees in 2011

Our holiday world was filled with popcorn balls, sledding and goat walks on the beach.   

Recipe for Sunny Goat Treats: pour left over caramel sauce (from the popcorn balls) over sunflower seeds. Harden and slice. With these treats you will be the shepard of the day

The preparations and the celebrations left no time for internet…what a strange feeling!


We hosted family from Elkhart, Boston and Sarasota…a full house of little boys and constant movement…it was fun and the memories will only get sweeter with time.

With a renewed sense of rejuvenation, I’m looking forward to getting back to campground and Fiber College work…it’s going to be summer before we know it!

Walking out of 2011 with loved ones…

May health, happiness and good friends fill all the corners of your world in 2012…and thank you to all who make us feel like we’re exactly where we should be, leading the life that fulfills us completely~ Steven and Astrig

One response to “Happy New Year”

  1. Hi, Astrig!

    We’re here in the Georgia Campground settled in for the Winter. So far, it’s being mild 50-60’s.

    MY cousin and hubby, are 20 minutes away near Brunswick. We had a buffet breakfast together, yesterday. Fun talking about our adventure going West, and back. Visiting grown children. They did the same with two grown children on the coast. We followed them out, and stayed in campgrounds in the same areas.

    One of my sisters is about an hour away in Fernandina Beach, FL. So, we will see her in the future.

    Jan has a cousin about 2 hours West in Valdosta, GA. So, we’re not lonely down here. Good Downeasters would say ‘up here,’ as the world is fatter at the Equator than in Maine. Ha!

    Only problem we had on the trip was nearly loosing our awning in Oklahoma during 60 MPH wind from the Gulf, plus going 55 ahead on I-40. Fortunately, no damage to the unit. The forward pin broke out of the plastic bearing housing. The roller tube dropped down alongside the unit, and unraveled some awning that violently flapped. Jan was driving, but startled by the noise, she got the unit off the road and stopped. We got roadside assistance to take the awning off, and we shoved it through the passenger side window, and on the floor of the motor home. It’s at the dealer’s shop for repair.

    F.Y.I. – This is a common failure of awnings, which I never heard about. Some just rip off the side of the RV with more side damage. We were lucky. The little locking arm on the forward end does not guarantee safety. It only works when you are stopped, but can vibrate loose. There’s a guy out in Iowa that sells a spring loaded locking pin for $30 plus S&H. I’m going to buy one, and install it.

    That’s all from here, and hope Steve is continuing to recuperate.

    Happy New Year! See you at the beginning of Summer.

    Jan and David Sims

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