Kid’s Biking Quest…Adventure


4,300-acre Great Pond Mountain Wildlands

The Great Pond Mt. Wildlands is a Conservation trust in East Orlands…about 20 minutes from the Campground.  This 4300 acre parcel of land is managed for low-impact recreation and habitat conservation…think only bird calls, whispering breezes and solitude…and occasional special invitations like this one:


Kids aged 7-12 are invited to explore the Great Pond Mt. Wildlands on a bicycle quest Aug 8-10 from 9am-12pm each day. Georgia Doucette will lead participants on leisurely bike rides exploring the Wildlands gravel roads, stopping frequently to play games, learn about the rich biodiversity of the Wildlands and participate in group scavenger hunts.


Pre-register by calling (207)  632-8285  donations appreciated so that the volunteers can continue their outreach efforts.




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