The Gardens at Searsport Shores on Cable TV

Ned from Belfast Community TV called yesterday and asked if he could come by and walk through the gardens with Steve. Ned broadcasts Coastal Garden…an interesting local cable series. In 27 minutes they covered seaweed, vermiculture, garlic, dye gardens and hops…they were racing to fit it all in!

2 Comments on “The Gardens at Searsport Shores on Cable TV

  1. This is wonderful Astrig & Steve! How long will Tom be there? I would love to bring the boys to see him. Next week will be wonderful to have the photographer there. When will she be there? Do appointments need to be made? You guys have a wonderful spot! Can’t wait to see you.


    • Tom’s here until Sunday morning. His studio hours are 9:30-11:30 and 1:00-4:00…anyone’s welcome to stop by for time with any of our artists in residents…the day use fee for the park would apply…$7/person…bring a picnic and spend the day!


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