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Happy Earth Day

Attention goat owners…goats won't bother with crocus but give them 2 minutes and they'll decimate a pussy willow bush while wagging their tails

To celebrate Earth Day…we worked on the landscaping…not so different from the other days…but I kept my camera with me and took these shots throughout the day.

The skunk cabbage is poking up along the stream, the cookies are waiting for their new role in the garden…and the pond has clusters of frog eggs

Stewardship: “Stewardship is an old English term that came out of the feudal system during the Middle Ages. A steward was a caretaker or manager of a castle. The steward was not the owner; the lord of the castle owned everything. The steward knew all the ins and outs of the castle and managed its day-to-day operations. The lord of the castle would be in contact with his steward to assess the state of his property.”
Mother Nature lords over the in the campground world…we all bow to the Lady

The honey bees are happy after their first week "on the Shores"

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  1. On Stewardship.

    Interesting topic I have researched. I have Irish ancestors who managed to find passage to Canada to escape in the 1820’s from famine, tithing to the Protestant Church, and high rents and taxes. The oppressive rents/leases in hard times were often enforced by Stewards of the estates. Lords of the estates were often absent, but forced their Stewards to collect. Some peasants joined protest groups that could get out of hand, resulting in some Stewards, and even some Lords getting injured, or even killed, so some emigrants had to escape with their lives. It’s astounding to read that by 1860 over a million Irishmen died of disease and starvation, and over a million emigrated to North America, and Australia.

    Living in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland prior to the Great Famine was akin to slavery. About the only thing missing was human trafficking, but they had already been indentured for centuries.

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